A Day Trip To: Brighton!

A Day Trip To: Brighton!

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Hello everyone! It seems as though every time I write a blog post I start off with the same line: “I know this post is late but…” In that case, this post is extremely late, and here’s why. After my last blog post I had began to prepare for my final exams and straight after went on a traveling spree. Due to the exams and travel I had limited time (and wifi) that I just didn’t get the chance to write! However, now that I am officially on summer break I have time to sit and share all the amazing adventures with you all! Although technically my study abroad experience has come to an end, there is still so much I’d like to share with you, and since I’ve also got some travels planned throughout the summer, it seemed like a good idea to continue writing. I’ve been really enjoying doing so and hopefully you all have been enjoying reading them! Now that I’m done explaining myself let’s (finally) get on to the post!

One of the best parts about living and studying abroad in London is that it’s so easy to travel, whether it be abroad or even locally. There are some amazing cities/towns located just a few hours away from London that are definitely worth exploring. In my previous post I talked about my day trip to Oxford, and today I’ll be talking about my day trip to Brighton.

Brighton is a seaside town located south of London! It’s about a 1.5 to 2 hour journey by train. Once we arrived in Brighton station we headed directly towards Brighton’s  “Lanes”. These lanes have various shops and restaurants and are great to browse and stroll through. If you’d like to get some tasty gelato I’d recommend going to “Gelato Gusto” or if you aren’t a gelato fan I’d recommend going to “Dum Dum” (which I mention later on in this post!). After a stroll through the lanes we headed towards the Royal Pavilion.

The Royal Pavilion was once a royal residence. Its architecture is beautiful and is inspired by the architecture found in India. IMG_8677You can enter the Royal Pavilion by purchasing a ticket for 13 pounds, however students can get a discount upon showing their IDs, and those of you who aren’t students can get a 10% discount if the tickets are purchased online. The pavilion was really beautiful with ornate decorations, furniture, and architecture. Although the outside of the palace may resemble a palace found in India, the inside of the palace is largely influenced by FullSizeRender (26)Chinese culture and architecture. My favorite room in the entire palace would have to be the dining room. The ceilings and chandeliers were stunning, ordained with crystal dragons, I wish I could’ve taken a picture but unfortunately photography was not allowed. Exploring the pavilion didn’t take long but was really enjoyable. If you like to visit different palaces I would recommend this one as it is quite different to the other palaces and castles you can find/visit in England. Apart from the palace, the pavilion gardens are a great place for a stroll or picnic. There were so many people there enjoying the sun, and there was even a guitar player playing some wonderful music which made it all the while better!

After exploring the pavilion we headed back to the lanes to stroll through the shops. If you’re a fan of pressed juice, like I am, I would recommend going to “42 Juice.” I had the orange and turmeric juice, which was both a great energizer, but also made me feel IMG_8681better as I was a bit under the weather. The lanes are quite close to the beach so we made our way down there. It was such a lovely sunny day which is exactly what we all needed after the cold weather in London (although I actually love the cold rainy weather in London tbh). We strolled through some of the seaside shops and just enjoyed being in the sun before we stopped for some fish n’ chips. Fish n’ chips can be found pretty much anywhere along Brighton beach, so I don’t have one in particular to recommend to you, however the one that I ate at was called “Seasiders.” The portions were quite massive and will keep you filled for the rest of the day! For those of you who aren’t fish fans, there were other options at “Seasiders” but there are also some other fantastic restaurants in Brighton! One that is quite new and popular is “Redroaster.” I haven’t eaten there, but I’ve only ever heard good things about it!

After having had our lunch we headed towards Brighton Pier, which is an absolute must when visiting Brighton. It had been so long since I’d been to a beach let alone a pier! The pier was full of arcade games, rides, and the like!  We walked up and down the pier taking in the beautiful view and soaking up the sun, before going on the hunt/walk to find the Brighton beach huts. If you’ve every searched images of Brighton you’ve probably seen pictures of the beach huts, these huts are located on one side of the beach and each of them are painted in different colors and designs. It’s something that is unique to Brighton as I have never really seen anything like it in any other beaches I’ve visited, it’s also a great place to take pictures! The walk to the huts from the pier will take you about 20 or so minutes, but since we were in no rush we decided to go for it! After finding the huts we had a mini photoshoot (gotta do it for the instagram) before deciding to sit on the beach and relax for a bit.

After some quiet time we headed back towards the pier to head to British Airways i360. The i360 is similar to the London eye in that, you can go up in a glass-like-elevator and get a 360 view of Brighton! We had booked our tickets online and purposefully chose a time when the sun would set to get the best views of Brighton. Unfortunately the i360 got stuck and wasn’t working so we were unable to go (but thankfully we were given a refund)! Upset that we couldn’t experience the i360, we decided to head back to the lanes to get some yummy cronuts! If you don’t know what a cronut is, it’s essentially a croissant and donut mixed together, or in other words, the best thing ever! Brighton (as well as Boxpark Shoreditch, in London) have “Dum Dum Donutterie“. We made it just in time as there were only a few cronuts left, which goes to show how popular they are. In actuality they have a variety of different flavors but when we had gone they had only two options. Of the two I had gotten the ‘Zebra’ flavor and let me tell you it was amazing! I highly recommend it, which I’d gotten two, to be honest! We decided to take our cronuts and head back to the pier to enjoy the sunset while eating our dessert!

After relishing the cronut we decided to walk down the pier once more. By this time it had become extremely windy and chilly. So although in the daytime Brighton was sunny and lovely it can get quite windy, so make sure to bring some layers to keep your warm!

After our last walk down the pier we headed back to the station for our 2 hour journey back to London! IMG_8819

It was such a lovely day, and exactly what we needed! I love taking day trips, as they aren’t too difficult to plan, and can also give you a break from the London city life! Being in London gives you so many opportunities to travel, especially abroad, but don’t forget to explore some of the smaller and “local” places such as Brighton!

For those of you interested in exploring Brighton I’ve created an itinerary for you!

What to do in Brighton in a Day:

[I’ve listed the things in the order I think would be best to visit them!]


  • *Check the forecast of Brighton before planning a trip to make sure you get a sunny day! A sunny day in Brighton, can sure brighten your day! 
  • *Bring/wear layers as it can either be warm, or cold and windy!
  • Recommended time to explore Brighton: 6-8 hours
    • Arrive 10 am – leave around 7/8 pm
  • For the Royal Pavilion, order your tickets online for a discount, or make sure to have your student IDs.
  • For the i360 you can pre-book your tickets online, which allows you to choose what time you can go up — which means you can book to go up during sunset!
  • There are also some museums, gardens, churches, and parks that you can visit as well if that interests you! 

Hopefully you all liked this blogpost! It’s good to be back and writing again. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more consistent with my posts (but let’s be real, I’m not making any promises!)

Until next time! Cheers!

– Varsha


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