Being a Tourist:

Being a Tourist:



Hello friends!!

Yes, before you say anything, I didn’t post a newsletter last week, but what can I do, I’ve been busy exploring London (and with school, but that’s not important atm)! — Actually, within the first week of being here itself I’ve already done most of the touristy things, and I don’t even care if I looked like a tourist because it was totally worth it! I was grateful, because my study abroad program provided us with a free weeklong travel card, and it honestly made exploring the city super easy and cheap! Who knew the tube could be sooo expensive! (Seriously 7 pounds for a 15 min tube ride? 7 pounds?) …Anyways, during that week I got the chance to  visit:

  • London Eye

    All bundled up at Buckingham Palace!! 
  • Big Ben
  • Tower Bridge
  • Tower of London
  • Buckingham Palace
  • The National Art Gallery
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Covent Garden
  • Oxford Street
  • Waterloo Bridge
  • Westminister Abbey

It’s always surreal to see these things when you’ve only ever heard about them or seen them in movies! Visiting these places just made me think how lucky these 8 million Londoners are to wake up and live in such a beautiful city, and how that could be me someday! Well, a girl can dream! And yes, there are still more sites and places to see but it definitely was a fun filled adventurous week!

Although seeing the touristy sites is a must have, I actually found that I got to experience and see more by simply walking around. I didn’t just choose to come to London to see the Big Ben or the Buckingham palace, I came to experience what being a Londoner is really like! In fact, I found that I truly got to explore London, when I got lost! No I’m not joking!

Tower of London & Tower Bridge

And I’m also not going to lie, I’ve gotten lost almost once everyday since I’ve been here! But because of that, I’ve gotten the chance to see parts of London that I probably would have never seen otherwise. So next time you’re traveling, especially in if in London, don’t focus too much on that map or on your phone. Just walk, just go somewhere, you’ll be able to get a taste of the city so much more! There is more to a place than its famous landmarks, every country and every city has its own character, and you’re not going to experience that doing everything to the T! Now, of course its important to be safe and to be aware of the general area that you are in, but don’t be afraid if you do get lost, because you’ll be surprised at the gems you can find!

Probably my favorite thing about this city is that wherever you go there is something to see and so much history around you! I went on a little tour of the area around my school, and just within the short walk, there was so much history and amazing things to see! One of the homes nearby, used to be a bank that Charles Dickens used to go to! What I thought was a park, was actually an area where people used to be hanged for treason back in the day! Although that may not be a pleasant thought, it’s amazing that so much history surrounds us! There is no reason why anyone should get bored in a city like this!

Anyways, as I’ve been writing this, my friend and I have been busy planning our trips to some other beautiful countries (which you’ll read about soon)! —

Until next week!




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