Hello London!

Hello London!

Dear friends!

I can’t believe that when you’re reading this, I’ll be in London, where I’ll be studying over the next four months! If I’m being completely honest it still hasn’t hit me that I’m here — who knows when that’ll happen! It is kinda crazy though, because this has been a dream of mine for a loooong time. Many have asked me why/when my love and fascination for London began and I honestly don’t know, but there has always been this desire to live and explore a city that so many love!

Although I am excited about this adventure, there are things that do worry me as well. Being a person who likes to stick to her comfort zones, this trip makes me a bit anxious as there are so many unknowns. Of course I’ve done my research and seen/heard plenty about London, but it’s just not the same thing as experiencing it first hand. Not to mention, I’m worried that this trip may not meet the expectations that I have. Having had this dream for years now has given me some pretty high expectations, and I just hope that I won’t be let down and disappointed — although I highly doubt that will happen!

Regardless of what expectations and fears that I may have, I guarantee that it will be an adventure! I’m sure that in some ways it will be even better than I imagined, in others worse than I imagined, and I’m sure there will be some surprises too. All that I can really hope and wish for, is that during this trip I say yes to more opportunities, learn more, and just have fun!

Writing this newsletter has made me even more excited (and a tad bit nervous), but I truly can’t wait for what’s to come!

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